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Formed in 2020  to help the community connect with lacking resources due to the global pandemic .

We offer programs and/or connect individuals in three essential areas, food security, outreach and reintegration. 

Our programs are supported and funded by community members and local businesses in our serving area in Beach Hill.

We currently have had over 20 volunteers and have now served over 200 clients since founded due to programming or other services we may have connected them too. 

We have worked with other agencies for events, drives and community initiatives and will continue in the years to come.  We are also a proud community partner of Davidson's Valu mart (pic in background) who donates weekly to help support our food subsidy program which now has over 20 new clients and is continuously growing. 

With great achievements accomplished and our mission speaking on it's own, but like everybody else we still encourage the public to know exactly what our mission statement is

Our mission is to: 

  • To provide affordable, healthy and nutritionist food to people who can't afford it 

  •   Provide resources to those on the street and/or struggling with finances 

  • Help the incarcerated build bridges back into our communities while reintegrating into society 


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